PU Flooring in Bangladesh

Have you ever wondered how an insulation solution can be applied over your roof without causing a lot of mess? That’s where Polyurethane Foam spray services come into play. Expotech has all the required capacity to provide this solution which works on each type of surface for our customers in Bangladesh

The main job of a Polyurethane Foam Spray in Bangladesh is to ensure that the high temperature over our customer’s roof is reduced to a certain degree. The application takes mere minutes, the same goes for the result of PU spray. Expotech believes that every person has the right to avail of pu foam spray solutions for their home or commercial sector.

Chemically speaking, PU is a special type of insulation material that comes in various forms and sizes, such as solid and foam-based. The PU is made synthetically and because of this, it’s quite a cost-effective solution for customers. Not to mention that the R-value, which is the sole indicator to let us understand how well a material can repel heat radiation, is considered among the top-valued ones.

From the customer’s well-being aspect, PU is completely safe for domestic use. With our anti-inflammation coating, the PU spray will not catch fire as well as produce a foul smell. It completely follows the industry standard of being a highly reliable solution for the masses.